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SLAMPP Documentation

System Requirements

either IDE connected CDROM (to boot from the CD)
or USB FlashDisk (to boot from the mass storage device)
or maybe some harddisk (to boot SLAMPP from the disk)

either non-emulation booting enabled (to boot from the CD)
or USB FlashDrive booting enabled (to boot from the mass storage device)

At least 128 MB to run Xwindow with Xfce. 256 MB is recommended.

i586 or better, Pentium or AMD are both OK.

Peripheral devices
some keyboard
PS/2 or USB connected mouse (required for Xwindow only)
serial (COM) mouse is not automatically recognized, but can be used

No harddisk is required. It is only needed if you want to employ SLAMPP permanently, run from harddisk or to save all configurations onto it.

This documents is taken and modified from the original one written for SLAX.



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