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Just like its big brother, SLAMPPLite is a linux live CD that will turn your personal computer to a simple home server. What makes it different is that SLAMPPLite has smaller size that will fit into a 256 MB compact disk or usb stick. It contains only essential server applications like Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD, BIND, DHCPD, SSH and mail server. Several programming languages such as PHP, Perl and Python and other tools to support your web development work are also included.

image To keep SLAMPPLite slim and make it easy to update the applications, SLAMPPLite uses server suite provided by XAMPP. Please consult their documentation to gain more information about XAMPP and how to use it. However, some basic operations will be explained here.

image Need help with Customization?


SLAMPPLite is compiled, intended to be your showcase box. So, when you have something to show to your (potential) users or clients, just put your web applications on SLAMPPLite and you will have an instant mobile portfolio. Concerning this state, it makes SLAMPPLite not suitable to be employed on production server, please use the standard SLAMPP instead. Although with some tweaks here and there, SLAMPPLite could also be ready for that purpose. Please remember, SLAMPPLite comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is provided as AS IS product. Please use it at your own risk. SLAMPPLite has been tested on several machines, but it will not guarantee that it is going work on any machine. My apology for this inconvenience.

image SLAMPP blogs!

Read more news on this blog.

image Support SLAMPPLite

If you like SLAMPP and would like to support its development, please consider the following options:

1. Donate some money via PayPal. Any amount would be fine. :)

2. Get some merchandise over here.
3. Buy SLAMPPLite CD on


4. Order or get a CustomizedSolution based on SLAMPP.



image Download

Latest version is 2.0 (April 10, 2006) (240 MB)
MD5: a8a07442c7e9ff8afb8bd75d3b341e7f
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Read SLChangeLog.


1. Added April 11, 2006

Linux Live scripts
If you want to remaster SLAMPPLite and compile all things to a new live CD, you're going to need these linux live scripts.

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image Contact

SLAMPPLite is compiled by Kemas Yunus Antonius.
Please send any suggestions, questions, critics and bugs regarding SLAMPPLite to
Forum will be set up if there are enough demands for that. Until then, I think e-mail will be just fine. For XAMPP specific questions, please post your message on Apache Friends forum.

Quick How-Tos

Start XAMPP : /opt/lampp/lampp start
Stop XAMPP : /opt/lampp/lampp stop
Restart XAMPP : /opt/lampp/lampp restart
Check XAMPP security : /opt/lampp/lampp security

Switch PHP 4/5
To activate PHP 4: /opt/lampp/lampp php4
To activate PHP 5: /opt/lampp/lampp php5

Where to put the web documents? /opt/lampp/htdocs/
Where are the configurations files for XAMPP? /opt/lampp/etc/
How to put all file onto CD?
Replace 'www' directory with 'html'.

Install web documents while using Live CD
# bash /opt/slampp/

Manual HD installation
# python /hd_install/ --device=/dev/hda1
(Replace /dev/hda1 with the right partition)

More information about NASLite

Credits & Thanks

- To all parties mentioned over here
- Apache Friends
- Server Elements

This is a hosted project. Logo

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