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In general, SLAMPP is licensed under GNU General Public License.
It means you are free to modify, distribute and copy SLAMPP, but please respect and honour the original authors of all tools and applications included in SLAMPP by keeping all information about them in source files intact. Never claim for something you didn't do.

FYI, some applications in SLAMPP may have different licenses than GNU GPL. But, as far as I know, SLAMPP will not violate those licenses. If you think this is not the case, please don't hesitate to contact me and I am willing to cooperate to make SLAMPP compatible with existing licenses.


No warranty whatsoever is given with this distribution to the extent permitted by applicable law. Use it at your own risk. I won't (and/or never) take the responsibility for any damage that may cause for the use of SLAMPP. So, please be aware of what you are going to do with SLAMPP and its consequences.



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