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Customized Solution

image Don't you want to get your hands dirty? Would you like to have a ready-made solution without wasting your valuable time and energy? If you need a customized solution based on SLAMPP, I will be happy to help you realizing it. Just write an e-mail and send it to this address I will get back to you with a quote. Please specify clearly what you want me to do and allow me to respond within 24-48 hours. Below you will find some practical implementations of SLAMPP.

What can SLAMPP practically offer you?

1) image Personal home server and rolling your own applications
Imagine you have a broadband internet connection which lives 24/7 and would like to host your low traffic personal website on your own PC. You like to manage everything by yourself and are fed up with arguing to ask your web hosting company install something you need. Just get SLAMPP and your personal home server is ready to use. When it is installed on the hard disk, you can download and install any package you need directly from Slackware's repository. You can also roll your own applications on top of SLAMPP. For instance, Content Management System (CMS) softwares, e-learning applications, groupwares, CRM, etc.

2) image Business or personal showcase
You are a webmaster or perhaps also a web developer. You have several websites or web applications you like to show to your (potential) clients. To store them all on the internet could be very expensive and not secure. It would be easier if you put all your work onto a live CD which you can carry everywhere. Anytime you need it, just grab your live CD and your mobile portfolio is available to anyone to see. It's handy, right?

3) image Promotional item to give out at trade shows, etc.
When you or your company have something to give out in many occassions like at trade shows, exhibitions, etc., you can store your promotional item on SLAMPP and distribute it to your audience. It will lower your marketing costs in a way that you don't need to buy commercial solutions.

4) image Backup medium
You just set up a new website for your company. But due to limited size of your hosting account, you must make free space by removing the old files. SLAMPP could act in this situation as a backup medium. Store all your files on SLAMPP and when emergency bell is ringing, you already have a backup. No need to worry about losing your data anymore.


If you have lack of time or limited internet access to download SLAMPPLite directly from our file repositories, you can buy SLAMPPLite CD offered here on for a small amount of money. All earnings from there will be used for SLAMPP development in the future. Or, you can consider to make a small donation as well.

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