SLAMPP Showcase

It always feels good when someone comes to you and says that he actually finds your work useful and likes it. It’s not because you ask them for the appreciation but it’s more like that you realize that what you do has contributed something valuable to others. That is what I am going to share with you right now, a SLAMPP showcase written by a SLAMPP user. Of course through this entry I would encourage other users to share their own stories on what they have done with SLAMPP and what they think about it. I will publish your stories here.

This showcase was actually written and submitted to me last year by Brian Papile from Texas. Although he already gave me the permission, unfortunately, I was not able to publish it in a timely manner. My apologies for that. FYI, Brian used SLAMPP as training material for his web application security class. I was absolutely amazed that he could master and customize SLAMPP within a short period of time and then finally shared the work to his class. Well done!

Please read his full story by downloading this PDF file. I hope it could inspire other users to do the same.

As last note, if you are interested to get a copy of his work, please contact me.

Thanks all for your contribution to SLAMPP. Much appreciated.

Now, I will focus on the next release which has been delayed for a while. :)

Next Release

Through this short entry I just wanted to let you know that at the moment Clint is working on the next release of SLAMPP. The next release will be based on Slackware 13.x and we are expecting to have it ready for public download by the end of this month.

FYI, Clint has submitted a session presentation for Boise Code Camp (BCC) held in Boise, Idaho, the end of March of this year. The session would feature using SLAMPP as a development environment and as LiveDVD for demonstration websites. Last year, he presented two sessions at BCC, one on Virtualization and one on Mono, both of which were well received; the “Camp” drew 600 registrants and being a “Code Camp” it is developer focused. For more information about the event in general, please visit this link, Guys, if you have time, please come and support the Camp.

While the work is in progress, if you have any suggestions or comments for the next release, please don’t hesitate to submit it to Clint < cttinsley at gmail dot com >. He is the man behind the magic. Thanks so much, Clint! :)

SLAMPP 2.0.2 is released

Just a quick announcement from me. We have released SLAMPP 2.0.2 yesterday. This is a maintenance release of current 2.0.x tree with some fixes and new documentation. Please get your copy here at

All credits go to Clinton Tinsley for making this happen. Thanks my friend! More details will be coming soon.

Have fun using SLAMPP!

SLAMPP 2.0.2 Brief Information

A good news for all SLAMPP users around the world, soon or perhaps to be exactly, someday next week, we will release another new maintenance release of SLAMPP 2.0 (Kalinda), 2.0.2. In this release we have fixed several issues found in the previous ones, provide more documentation and How To, and some other interesting features. What makes this release so interesting is that the whole development process of this release has been done by a special SLAMPP fan who now becomes my co-developer and maintainer.

You might be wondering who this guy is anyway. His name is Clinton Tinsley and you can read his short profile here. He also was the one who presented SLAMPP at UTOSC 2009. It feels great that I finally have someone else onboard. Welcome Clint! For the rest, I guess, I will leave it to Clint. He will provide more details about the release soon.

Another exciting news coming recently, Thomas, a Linux Editor of Datormagazin, a Swedish computer magazine, has let me know that he had written an article about SLAMPP on October 2009 edition of that magazine. So, if you live in the nearby area of Swedia, please consider to get that magazine. Thanks Thomas for your great support. :)

Alright guys, that will be all short news from my side. I hope we could deliver SLAMPP 2.0.2 soon to you. Have a good weekend!

Thank you.

Request for New Ideas

Hi guys, it has been a while since the release of the latest SLAMPP 2.0.1. So far so good, I must say. Thank you for downloading and your appreciation sent to me regarding SLAMPP. Of course nothing in this world is perfect. I am very aware that some of us can not run SLAMPP properly on their machine. Therefore, please accept my apology for that. I have listed some limitations that SLAMPP has at the moment, so you can read the list and have better expectation. I am striving to make SLAMPP operable on any x86 (32 bit) machine.

As a part of my communication channel to you, would you mind to share with me what do you think of SLAMPP this far? Do you have any new ideas how SLAMPP can be improved? Which applications would you like to see in the next release of SLAMPP which is scheduled to be released early November 2009? Sure, I welcome any kind of input of yours. Please have your say on the comment form. I really appreciate your cooperation and thank you so much.

Have a nice weekend!