Up and Go

First of all, I would like to apologize to all SLAMPP users, where ever you are in the world, for being lazy and so ignorant in the last few months. Due to my current job as a Measurement while Drilling/Logging while Drilling (MWD/LWD) Field Engineer which takes so much time of mine, I can not always resume my work on this project and spend some spare time in it. Sometimes I have to be on the field for a couple of weeks, far from civilization. Therefore I would like to ask your favor to have patience with me. This project is not going to be a dead project, just needs some time to recover from a major hardware failure of the server where I host SLAMPP. Now, with help of my best friend Harry, everything is running smoothly again. Thanks Harry for your kind assistance.

While I take care of everything to ensure the new development cycle of SLAMPP, I hope you still enjoy visiting this website and using SLAMPP. Please bear the mess you might find in your journey exploring SLAMPP on this website as it is not 100% ready yet.

See you in the next generation of SLAMPP, soon! :)


Kenneth Granerud a.k.a. Wolven of Wolvix GNU/Linux has recently announced the launch of a new website located at http://live-developers.org. The main purpose of this project is to have a dedicated website where Linux Live developers can come together to chat, exchange ideas and learn from each other. SLAMPP is glad to be a part of this initiative.

So, all Live CD developers who use the Linux Live scripts created by Tomas Matejicek, please join and share your knowledge to others. :)

Back to Business

After hiatus for a while, I think it’s time to go back to business again. The development of SLAMPP will be resumed and you can expect the new release soon. At the same time, I would like to express my apology to you, the devoted users of SLAMPP, for the lack of updates recently.

To help me improve SLAMPP, you can also give me some input what you would like to see or have in the next release of SLAMPP or SLAMPPLite. Please write down your comments on this entry.

Thank you.

Getting Married

Dear all,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my late reaction to all responses coming to me. Just FYI, they are already taken into account for the next development of SLAMPP in the future.

Another news is right now I’m kind of busy in preparing my marriage with a girl I love. The wedding ceremony will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia somewhere in August 2006. So enough said actually, you know how huge it is to arrange and organize all things especially when you and your girl are separated by lands and seas and have a long distance relationship. Therefore please bear with me, will you? :) I hope everything will be alright and run smoothly. In case you are interested to help me perhaps by donating something you can miss this month, I will really appreciate it. It is not obligatory though (LOL). Just enjoy SLAMPP and I hope you can do something useful with it.

Take care everyone. See you all soon. :)

SLAMPP on LinuxUser Germany 01.2006

Yesterday I’ve received a copy of LinuxUser Germany magazine for January 2006 which contains a publication about SLAMPP. Here are some screenshots of the mentioned publication.

LinuxUser Germany 01-2006
(GIF, 335 KB)
LinuxUser Germany 01-2006
(GIF, 628 KB)
LinuxUser Germany 01-2006
(GIF, 751 KB)