What’s New on SLAMPP 2.0?

Desktop screenshot of SLAMPP 2.0

I am almost there! The new SLAMPP will come soon with the following highlights:

  • Using kernel linux, patched with everything needed to work with the latest Linux Live script
  • Based on Zenwalk 6.0 and inherits almost of all its characteristics and tools
  • Getting packages from Zenwalk, native Slackware 12.2, SlackBuilds and Slacky.eu repositories
  • Packages which are not found on the above resources are compiled directly from the source
  • Equipped with full set of development libraries and interpreters to ease your package compilation process
  • Following applications are compiled on to SLAMPP: (details would be provided later on)
    • Servers: Apache 2, BIND, dnsmasq, dhcp, Samba, NFS, Pure-FTPD, Squid, MySQL, OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, SQLite, Git, Subversion, Qmailrocks packages, and many more
    • Network and IDS utilities: ntop, cacti, nagios, nessus, snort, rkhunter, chkrootkit, honeyd + honeycombo, oinkmaster, nmap, Wireshark, HTTrack, TightVNC, rdesktop, GAdmin Tools collection, and many more
    • System Administration: Webmin and Usermin
    • Programming languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua
    • Editor: Bluefish, Geany, mousepad, Hex editor
    • Office: Open Office, epdfview
    • Graphics: The GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Dia
    • Multimedia: Brasero, goobox, Exaile, Totem
    • Miscellaneous utilities: Firestarter, GParted, htop, Grsync, ndiswrapper, Wicd, Live CD Hard Disk installer, Disk Manager, Lilo installer, GNOME network tools and servers/services control panel
    • Package management: Netpkg, slapt-get/gslapt, pkgtools, slackpkg
    • Desktop Environment: XFCE 4.6

That would be all. FYI, this new release will be completely incompatible with the previous releases. Therefore, no upgrade feature will be provided. Having said that, I strongly recommend you to do a fresh install with this upcoming release if you intend to have it run permanently on your PC.

When are you going to release it ? Hopefully I will be able to announce it publicly by the end of this month or within the first week of July. Stay tuned.

Thank you.


I forgot to mention something. Starting from this release, besides the version information, I will give a release a name. The name of SLAMPP 2.0 is Kalinda. I name it after my daughter’s name. :)

Mirror Server Needed for SLAMPP

Dear friends, if everything goes smooth as expected, I am planning to release the new version of SLAMPP at the end of this month. The new SLAMPP will be based on the latest stable release of Zenwalk and Slackware Linux 12.2. Just like the previous releases, SLAMPP is compiled to be an instant home server solution to everyone who would like to set up their own server without any fuss. However, the size of the iso file would be a little bit bigger than before, estimated around 650 to 700 MB. Hopefully you will not complain about it. Right now I am in the phase of beta testing the protoype.

Regarding this release plan, I would like to ask your favor, guys. I urgently need (a or) some mirror servers to distribute SLAMPP. Location does not matter me, as long as you have enough space and bandwith to serve the traffic. So, if there is someone out there could help me out with this, please let me know. I will appreciate your support.

I will be back to you soon with more details about the release. Thank you so much.


I am also open and welcome for new SLAMPP logo and desktop background submission from public. I will include your creation in the release.

Short Notice

Dear friends, as you might notice that this website has been off line for a while. Due to a major hardware failure, the server where I host this website on must be taken down and replaced by a new one. Right now, all features you used to have previously are restored and running again. Please let me know if you find something unusual here. Thanks to Harry for all efforts he has done to make this website online again.

Furthermore, I would like to apologize for not keeping my words to release the new version of SLAMPP right on the schedule. I just can not find enough spare time to finish the stuff. I hope it would be available someday in this year.

Alright guys, that will be all for now. Please stay in touch. Thank you.

Quick Stats

According to the stats system I maintain I get the following raw counts for SLAMPP download so far. Not bad for a new and relatively unheard Linux distribution. :)

SLAMPP (1.0 + 1.1) : 44029 times
SLAMPPLite (1.0 + 2.0) : 14165 times

Of course these numbers are going to be higher if you also include additional stats from other sources as anyone can distribute SLAMPP freely.

Thank you for downloading, trying and using SLAMPP.

Coming Soon, SLAMPPLite 3.0

I just wanted to let you know that I am now in preparing to release the new version of SLAMPPLite. The upcoming SLAMPPLite will be released with version number 3.0, based on Slackware 12.0, using kernel, XAMPP1.6.4, improved hard disk/usb installer and the latest applications you can find under Slackware repository.

Furthermore I still focus on the use, the lightness, the easiness and the compactness of it. So, you will expect nothing fancy in this release. SLAMPPLite is just a generic Linux distribution that is ready for deployment.

I hope this new SLAMPPLite will be available by the end of this year. More information about this is coming soon.

I also invite you to share or contribute ‘how to’ or other things you have done with SLAMPP on this blog. Please contact me privately and I will give you a writer account. Please don’t forget to provide me sufficient information what you are going to do in your e-mail. I hope by doing this, others could learn and get to know more about SLAMPP.

Thank you.