Here is what I would like to ask you.

If I could provide an easy-to-use ISP solution based on SLAMPP and open source hosting control panel, do you mind to pay it for less than USD 5?

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  1. Ivi wrote:

    What do you mean by “an easy-to-use ISP solution based on SLAMPP and open source hosting control panel”…?

    Do you mean a mechanism that enables someone to become an ISP? I like the idea and, yet, there are some risks and considerations that need to be mentioned; eg:

    1. If a [near-]automatic, 0-admin cost ISP package stops, after people have paid $’s each month to use the ISP’s services, there are legal & economic risks to the operator.

    Such a package might make it seem “too easy” to operate an ISP business, so that underqualified operators jump-in before they are prepared.

    Any of his/her customers - who base businesses on continuous availability of the Internet - could be in strife during outages.

    2. Some governments charge ISP operators HUGE license fees to operate an ISP (Au$ 10,000.00 in Australia, last time I checked).

    In other countries, there may be obligations to connect law enforcement’s monitoring equipment to the ISP’s network.

    While your package may accommodate that kind of attachment, will the operator (who has chosen an “easy” ISP package) know how to protect his/her user-base from monitoring that goes above & beyond the specific terms of the court-order that authorises the connection & monitoring?

    Sometimes, the easier we make tachnology, the higher the risk that someone who hasn’t got all the skills needed to operate it properly will get into trouble trying.

    Of course, YM(& users)MV. ;-)

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 1:00 am #
  2. Ivi wrote:

    On another aspect of the matter - ie, how to get $’s (or Guilders) for your work:

    I had a look at NASlite… so little & a bit pricey IMO. Still… those that can’t do what its maker(s) did to produce it might be willing to pay (even more than $5) for it… or would have, earlier on; with dates in 2004, NASlite seems to be aging… :-/

    My point is this: Geeks won’t be primary source of cash; market to those who have other specialities & don’t want (or have the time/interest) to work out how to do what you / we know how to do, when we build systems.

    I think what Geeks really need is 50/50 deals with those who know how to market/sell product! Now, there must be young graduates around looking for opportunities, as they work their way towards their first big career job…

    Instead of leaving (at least some of) them to flip burgers at MacDonalds… why not make the connection & do some small joint-ventures.

    Start a new tradition of cooperative business ventures:
    Open Source + Fair Business that are win-win’s for both the Geeks and their loosely-coupled (eg, 2 independent businesses) interfaces to the market & end-users’ cash.

    Maybe a semi-geek or “apprentice” would be a better partner; someone who can sell the service of installing & maintaining the system you want to develop, as you make enhancements to it, in future, living (hopefully, well) on your share of the income those services generate.

    As long as both parties feel their “win” is fair, each can do what they do best.

    PS Phil Greenspun used to organise groups of about 5 people into rotating-role projects that delivered working database-based web sites (akin to today’s web services).

    Doing short projects, able to switch roles in the next project (if skills permit): Lead, Graphical Designer, Database/Programmer, Client Liason & on more (that escapes me at the moment). If you like, you can poke around http://Photo.net for the deatils (in one of Phil’s older books on becoming a “Web Whore” (his term).

    Low overheads… if lots of such groups sprung into existence in a region, people could maybe swap into another group… two-way, cross-pollenization & skill-exchange could result. (Maybe have a look at http://eXtremeProgramming.org for ideas on Pair-Programming)

    The idea is it’s got to be better than asking Geeks for $5 a pop, eg, for each copy downloaded (or about US$ 30 to 40+ for NASlite+ Server Suite, from memory).

    If you’re like me, you’d rather get 2 or 3 figures of $’s per HOUR, so you can decide what to do with more of your time… not be running to the bank to count the number of times somebody’s dropped $5 into your “tip-jar” (as it’s called on http://ItConversations.com).

    I’d say: since you have the skills, if you want clients, just -quietly- undercut local IT contractors by from 20 - 50% for installing your system instead of its Microsoft counterpart.

    A big win for you clients and an income you can live on for you & yours… even after you’ve shared the fees with an apprentice installer or marketing off-sider. ;-)

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 1:41 am #
  3. Thank you Ivi for your thorough constructive comments. I really appreciate what you did. :)

    The main reason behind the poll is to find out whether people would be interested with that kind of idea. I know there should be more to be considered before implementing it. Of course an instant solution would be good in someways but also bring some negative aspects as well like you’ve mentioned above.

    Another reason why I’m doing this is to raise some funds for the development which I know sometimes it is quite difficult to depend on small donations for living. So selling product/service would be a choice if it is not violating the licenses from things I use to make that product. In this case, I’m selling my service to build the product up so that anyone can have a go without getting their hands dirty.

    I was inspired by this article (http://damnsmalllinux.org/fundraising/). It gives insight how to approach this situation. But, I’m also considering things you’ve written above. I will study them first and let’s see what I can do with the ideas. However as suggested, any kind of mutual cooperations are always welcome. ;)

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 7:49 am #
  4. This is only my second visit to your site and I’m considering using your distro. I think the best way for me to help you answer your poll is to tell you more about why I came to your site.

    Right now I have a reseller account with a popular webhost. While it does give me more control then the normal end user, it is still a service that I cannot reach out and touch. I’m located some 2000+ miles from my web servers. I suffered (and therefore my clients) suffered a 10+ hour outage the other day. Having a server that is so far away can leave on feeling helpless.

    At home, I have a dedicated 1.5MB connection with a static IP. My professional experience comes from developing ASP-style websites in Windows. Running a windows host from home is fine, but I really need a LAMP solution. All of my websites but one use LAMP, and I would just feel a whole lot better about having it here with me.

    Now onto answering your question….

    Your question is a little vague. My interpretation of it is that you would like to provide an installation by which I could have the complete LAMP solution for me and my clients all on my machine with minimal fuss. I’d pay $50 for it, and probably another $50 if you could install it remotely. It would need a web interface like cPanel and WHM. The Command line is not my friend. Make it clean, friendly, secure, and I would come to the party.

    There are many distros that come close, I see the most potential in yours. I need this solution. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 3:36 am #
  5. Thank you guys for your vote.

    I’m still considering to release this variant. But, I would like to configure out first how I put this concept best with minimal effort and maximal result. Anyhow, I will keep you updated and get back to you soon with the product.

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 3:46 am #
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