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Next Release

Through this short entry I just wanted to let you know that at the moment Clint is working on the next release of SLAMPP. The next release will be based on Slackware 13.x and we are expecting to have it ready for public download by the end of this month.
FYI, Clint has submitted a session […]

SLAMPP 2.0.2 is released

Just a quick announcement from me. We have released SLAMPP 2.0.2 yesterday. This is a maintenance release of current 2.0.x tree with some fixes and new documentation. Please get your copy here at
All credits go to Clinton Tinsley for making this happen. Thanks my friend! More details will be coming soon.
Have fun using […]

SLAMPP 2.0.2 Brief Information

A good news for all SLAMPP users around the world, soon or perhaps to be exactly, someday next week, we will release another new maintenance release of SLAMPP 2.0 (Kalinda), 2.0.2. In this release we have fixed several issues found in the previous ones, provide more documentation and How To, and some other interesting features. […]

Request for New Ideas

Hi guys, it has been a while since the release of the latest SLAMPP 2.0.1. So far so good, I must say. Thank you for downloading and your appreciation sent to me regarding SLAMPP. Of course nothing in this world is perfect. I am very aware that some of us can not run SLAMPP properly […]

Maintenance Release: SLAMPP 2.0.1

Due to some bugs and glitches found in the previous release of SLAMPP 2.0, today I have released a maintenance version of SLAMPP.
What has been done in this release?

As it is a maintenance release, no major changes have been made. The system is kept intact.
Fixed bugs and glitches found in the ZenInstaller, LiveClone, Lilofix, […]